European-Enduro-Championship there is a new leader

After the third round of European-Enduro-Championship there is a new leader: The only 19 years old Matteo Pavoni from Italy took the pole in the overall-championship after another total win at the second day. It wasn`t a perfect day for the KTM-rider, because a crash in the endurotest took him some seconds. But in the end he won in this strange and sandy conditions. Sand seems to be a lucky thing for Pavoni, who made his title in the „under 20 class“ on the sandy ground of the euopean final 2016 in the Netherlands. This year climbing up into the Junior-E1-Class, from the 125 cc 2-stroke bike to the 250 cc 4-stroke KTM, he won both days the overall in Germany and took the pole in the Championship.

The special-tests have had been quit narrow, with tough single trails through the woods, so that more horspower does not mean to be faster. Thisfore on third position is an other junior, one with the small 125 cc bike from the „under 20 class“, the Swede Joakim Grelsson with his KTM.

In the senior-class E1 it was Andreas Linusson with his KTM to take the sixt time a victory in a row! „The secret of my success is, that I try to ride as save as possible, and I have had only one small crash this weekend.“ Second and third position went to Jeremy Carpentier from France and Daan Bruijsten from the Netherlands, like the day before.

In senior-class E2 the Brit Jamie Lewis won again on his Yamaha. This time in front of Wesley Pittens from the Netherlands and Oliver Nelson from Sweden.

Second position in the overal means victory in the senior-class E3 for Maurizio Micheluz and his Husqvarna. The German Enduro-Champion Denis Schröter had a problem with his shoulder after a crash, but he fight for third position, behind the Italian Ocar Belletti, who is still leading the championship in this class.

Third position in the overall was the victory for Joakim Grelsson in the junior „under 20 class“. Second position was to his contryman from Suede, Calle Johansson in front of the Brit Alex Walton.

The overall-winner Matteo Pavoni took the victory in the juniors-class E1 of course. Second was the Suede Pontus Skoog and Krystof Kouble from Czech.

In the juniors-class E2/E3, with the bigger bikes the podium was totaly to the french riders: Yesterdays second, Max Vial took the first position with the Husqvarna in front of David Abgrall, who is still leading the championship in the class, and Isaac Devoulx

First day the veteran Arne Domeyer had to stop the race with an injured wrist after a crash. Second day he won all the tests exept the last one: „At the end the pain was to big,“ said the German, who extend his lead in the veterans-class, while the reiging champion Sebastian Krywult from Poland was fighting with technical problems an time penalitys on seventh position. Second position was to Janis Vinters from Estonia in front of Juha Potsaari from Finland.

At the „trade-teams“ the weekend-victory for both days was to the host „Enduro dmsj German1“ in front of „Osellini Team“ from Italy and Eqipe Enduro Armee De Terre“ from France.

Now there will be nearly 10 weeks summer-holidays for the European Enduro Championship: The final competition will take place for three days, from 13th till 15th of October in Gelnika/ Slowakia.

3rd round in Germany – 1st day – juniors ahead

At the 5th of August 2017 the first day of the third round of European-Enduro-Championship took place in Burg / Germany (close to Magdeburg).

The over 74 km long circuit was ridden three times in a row and included the three tests every round. At the end the junior-riders have had been the successfull riders in the overall result. One reason was surely the upcoming heavely

Best local hero was the reigning German champion Dennis Schröter on the fifth position, who had lost in the first Endurotest over 15 seconds after a crash. Five times in a row the Swede Andreas Linusson won the Senior-E1-Class in front oft he former junior champion Jeremy Carpentier from France. The Dutchman Daan Bruijsten became the third position.

In the senior class E2, the englishman Jamie Lewis could win against local matadors Davide von Zitzewitz and the reigning European champion Marco Neubert.

As the best professional Maurizio Michelus Husqvarna with the also his classes seniors E3 local champion Dennis Schröter and before the last leading overall championship, the Italian Oscar Ballets. The Este Rannar Usna, who had long been in second place, collapsed at the same time three times slid back and forth, but fought back to the square before Fourth.

As overal-winner, Matteo Pavoni, of course, also won the Junior E1 Class, ahead of Sweden’s Pontus Skoog and the Czech Republic’s Krystof Kouble.

In the juniors E2 / E3 Class with the big motorcycles: David Abgall took the first place in front of both French Max Vial and Jean-Baptiste Nicolot.

With 33 starting rinders, the U20 class is one oft he most successful youth-promotion of the FIM Europe: Participants have tob e under 20 years old and must only start with 125 machines, according to the driving license already with 16 years. Winner became the Swede Joakim Grelsson in front of his countryman Calle Johansson and the French Neels Theric.

In the veterans over 40 years, the leader of the championship Arne Domeyer, who got injured wrist after a crash, opened the way for the Finns Juha Puotsaari and Tero Koskinen, in front of the reigning champion Sebastian Krywult from Poland.

In the women class, Jessica Gardiner from Australia catches only one minute penalty on the track an won the class with this. Second Marita Nyqvist from Finland was followed by Sweden’s Hanna Berzelius.

Even without mountains or heavy uphils this competition was worth for an international competition: more than 95% off-road route and tight stages demand the Enduro riders out. There was no time to rest and the fastest riders needs over an hour and 18 minutes only for the nine special tests. The heavely rain at the end of the day does it make not even more easy for participants.

At the 5th and 6th of August 2017 the third round of the European-Enduro-Championship will take place in Burg / Germany (close to Magdeburg). As in Estonia, the last round, only one month before, the locality is plain, without mountains and uphills. Nevertheless includes the more than 80 km long track 95% offroad and will be physically tiring for the riders. The ground will be mostly sandy, in the woods very bumpy with a lot of roots. This will be a small home-advantage fort the german riders, which are used to all this conditions, while there is a round of German Championchip since 22 years. Even at this weekend, the competition is one of the German Championship.

Every three laps there will be one motocross- and two enduro-tests. This adds up to over one hour test-times. In addition, there will be a showstart in the center of the town in order to present the endurosport to the audience on Saturday.

A total of 160 riders participated in the European Championship run at this first weekend of August. The leader in the overall rating, the Italian Oscar Balletti, comes with a respectable lead in front of his countryman Matteo Pavoni into this round. The Junior Pavoni has had won the second day in Estonia, while Balletti have had not been particularly successful. Favorit is the reigning German champion Dennis Schröter, who have had already proved himself as a gueststarter in Estonia. In Germany he is well known as a specialist in this sandy terrain.

This should not impress the Swede Andreas Linusson: The KTM driver has had won all races so far in the E1 class and it seems as if he wants to continue this until he reached the title.

The local german riders will be the biggest rivals for the Brit Jaimie Lewis in the E2-Class: The current champion Marco Neubert as well as Davide von Zitzewitz will certainly benefit from their home advantage.

In the E3 class, Oscar Balletti’s lead in championship-points in the E3-class in not this dominant, as in the overall: Rannar Uusna from Estonia could be dangerous to him in the championship, because he is used to such conditions.