Enduroland Lucas Oil Timber X Indoor Round 2

Race report and event summary .

From what was an event looking to fall by the wayside Timber X has been received with mixed feeling.The aim of the Enduroland Team was to bring an indoor event that would suit all abilities not extreme.not mx but a happy medium to give the ‘Joe average’rider their own ‘world championship ‘ and we think it delivered in every aspect.

Sundays 2016 event was to be round two of a three round championship but with entries slow until late in the day at both the December and January event it was decided to make December the 2015 event and January the 2016 event so two standalone races .Making way for a new 2017 three rounds with all to count starting in December this year .

Riders starting arriving from far afield on Saturday afternoon including the Isle of Arran and Liverpool for the event with great camping paddock and hook up available making use of the venue owners nearby village pub for some refreshment.

The track team couldn’t actually start the main build until late Saturday at around 7pm .with the days equestrian event cleared.the Andrews Bowen pro wax surface was harrowed and watered before being flat rolled with the Bomag. In came the timber with all hands on deck to set out the reversed course from December and the always big build of the Timber tabletop and bridge.loose logs .8ft and 4ft single and double jumps and full light matrix sections . the last banners got stapled in place at around 2.30am Sunday morning.

The morning racing started as usual with the kids and youth Enduroland had enticed 8 Elite riders to attend and race free of charge by commiting to ‘assist’ in the morning and give up their Saturday to mentor and give the younger riders some pointers .notably Gary Daniels .James Hutchinson.Dan Mundell.Declan Helliwell.Joe Chambers.Richard Ely.Scott Austin and William Hoare .Well done guys.

Practice for the kids got underway with a few tweaks to the track for the autos and 65cc .

Racing began with the mixed 50cc/65cc Class .followed by the 85cc Small wheel and two groups in the 85cc BW who would also get a final after there 4 heat races . Full heats/race results can be found at Racesplitter.com

Our favourite little rider of the morning was Archie Pottinger on his pw50 but some great action from the youth showing the big difference in ability which makes the course build so testing.

In the 85cc Big wheel class Sam Nunn took the final win with cousin Harry Nunn in 2nd and Mathias Salin in 3rd. In the 85cc Small wheel Luke Blake took the win followed by Mitchell Raine in 2nd and Harvey Fagg in 3rd

The 65cc win went to John Stanley with Alfie Carter in 2nd and Jack Sandland in 3rd .

Last but not least the auto win went to Louis Wallis with Jack Gray in 2nd and our new hero Archie Pottinger in 3rd.

In the youth Superfinal which was the top two from each class (not autos) Sam Nunn again took the win

A short break followed with lunch before the ‘big boys’ practice which was followed by hot action all afternoon. With this type of event lots of race action is guaranteed and Timber X delivers in abundance with spectators commenting on ‘not actually knowing where to look with so much going on’. notably Connor Blakes crash into the restaurant window,Hayley Rilings continous kissing of every log in the log garden and Dan Boams double jump straight onto a competitor

A clean sweep from Johnjoe Wright saw him take the youth 14-17 win and progress into the Superfinal . In the ladies class Katie Walker took the overall with a couple of cracking crashes attempting the infamous grandstand double with Docklands rider Jemima Salt taking 2nd . In the Sportsman class it was Tony Cadman who took the win followed by Aaron Collins in 2nd and Richard Blunt in 3rd . The Clubman win went to Ryan Comer with Scott Hoskins in 2nd and Connor Blake in 3rd place . In the Vets Ryan Griffiths fought hard all afternoon to take the win closely followed by Docklands rider Chris Salt taking 2nd . The masters was blitzed by Ross Dover who ended up racing with the vets in the end . The Expert win went deservingly to Dan Boam with Luke Smith 2nd and Sonny Parker 3rd and smashing the Elite was MX rider James Hutchinson with Dan Mundell 2nd and Gary Daniels a tidy 3rd

The superfinal win also went to James Hutchinson with Sportsman rider Tony Cadman taking 2nd place.

Overall a great event and we can’t wait for the 2017 three rounds to start next December .