EnduroGP Euskadi 2016 Highlights Day 2 Full Race Report

Action Highlights on day two at the EnduroGP World Championship Spain


Finally ! It will still be necessary to wait three months after the first Grand Prix (Agadir-Morocco) to find the sun … what to give a smile to the survivors of a rough first day at this Grand Prix AMV Seguros of Euskadi also perfectly organized by the enduro ofGordexola but also Zalla and Guenes in the heart of the Basque country!

The ranks were thinning yet this morning from a Gordexola after the packages NAMBOTIN (F – KTM) , BARRAGAN (E – Gas Gas) ,SORECA (I – Honda) and a lot of other … And the twists do not fail throughout the 7 hours 30 minutes of racing!

Like yesterday, Mathias BELLINO (F – Husqvarna) was the big man on the second day. After a first test Enduro won by Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta) , the World Champion E3 2015 seized by following the control of the race never to be worried; it is necessary with twenty seconds ahead and found a wide grin on his first doubled EnduroGP … ” I proved this weekend that I knew still riding motorcycles! Joking aside I found confidence after four difficult races, and it also gives a lot of confidence in my team that I thank warmly. And then find dry land is not displease me and allows me to fully exploit my 450cc Husqvarna! “. Although it is only 4th in the provisional championship EnduroGP 35 points behind leaders BELLINO has nothing to lose and will probably THE spoilsport of the end of the season.

mathias.bellino_EWC 2016 Rnd 6_1299_0

Behind BELLINO the fight was again intense throughout the day with unbridled outsiders in the image of MONNI Manuel (I – TM)which long saved the honor of the two motorcycles time to become disillusioned in the third round ” I was in the dust of Antoine Basset and arrived at full speed into a chicane of the Enduro test that I cut and so I unfortunately copped 30-second penalty! “.Perugia driver is relegated to 7th place while it would have ranked second without the penalty. Turn WATSON (GB – KTM) ,HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta) , SALVINI (I – Beta) , GUARNERI (I – Honda Red Motorcycle) won special but this is the official “Outsiders” Yamaha Loïc Larrieu who was as “evil” and score a superb second place EnduroGP for a double french! ” Finally I was able to do a full day and give the best of my 450 Yamaha in these race conditions. Y’en was tired of these races in the bold! “. Nathan Watson finally abandon its subscription to fourth place and bagarra leading the race all day to score fifteen points of third place then that Alex SALVINI paid dearly a big mistake in the Enduro Test 2 that prevents him to do better than 4th.


But what about the Championship leaders? Where have PHILLIPS (AUS – Sherco) , Remes (SF – TM) and HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta)? If Steve HOLCOMBE , after a great start, partly clears his troubles of the day with a respectable 6th place ” I am already happy to have finished the race! “, And the loser is unlucky day Eero Remes ! Because after Steve HOLCOMBE yesterday is this time the Finns leprechaun who will not see the checkered flag after struggling all day to 5th place. Las, mechanical (engine failure) betray the Finn in the final stage of the day he can not even finish! Big blow for the team and the official TM in first Sunday in July … and full jackpot forMatthew Phillips ! A sentence early in the race (11th at the end of the first round), the Aussie is recovering at mid race to snatch an important 5th which puts on the royal road after mechanical troubles of HOLCOMBE and REMES … ” I really regret what happened to Eero and the TM team that accomplishes remarkable things with small means . Obviously these race incidents make me happy but consistency will be key really to the end of the championship, where the slightest mistake will not be allowed! “. Nanti now 27 points ahead, PHILLIPS is indeed the winner of this Grand Prix AMV Seguros of Euskadi despite a score “average” (5/5) on the weekend.

ROBERT Taylor (USA – KTM) 8th has resumed after his “little” previous day while Davide Guarneri progressing with every release and confirmed the 450cc 4-stroke supremacy on this GP. Mention also good to Danny McCanney (GB – Husqvarna) who returns for the first time in the Top 10.

Eero Remes so lets Nathan WATSON win all 20 points of the wins in E1 and loses very big today in Gordexola . But there is still leading with 5 small points better than the “big blond”! The two officials Husqvarna McCanney and Pascal Rauchenecker (AUT)completed the podium.   Victor GUERRERO (ESP – KTM) is again a very good fourth.

Mathias BELLINO , Loïc Larrieu and Alex SALVINI make the podium but Matthew Phillips is well underway in the conquest of the title E2 with a 4th place this Sunday.

Steve HOLCOMBE inherits an unexpected victory in E3 after the penalty MONNI (second) and contains five important points in the championship to Johnny AUBERT (F – Beta) third and a little “inside” today. Nevertheless both official Beta are separated by 9 points in the championship before Italy! Luis Correia (P – Beta) has enjoyed the warmth and remember the good memories of all with an honorable fourth.

Worried early in the race by Albin ELOWSON (S – Husqvarna) , Giacomo REDONDI (I – Red Honda motorcycle) is the strong man of the Junior category where it continues to align success. And 12 here in Gordexola ! Unbeaten, transalpine could be titrated at the next test and achieves excellent times which place him in an excellent position in EnduroGP . Suffering from gastroenteritis, Albin ELOWSON fought well and score a courageous second place before the fiery Josep GARCIA (E – Husqvarna) . The good surprise of the day comes from the Italian Matteo CAVALLO (Beta) , fourth. Not bad for a driver who discovers Enduro and is only in his fourth GP.

REDONDI titrated from Italy?

No one could resist Jack EDMONDSON (GB – KTM) in FIM Youth Cup 125cc and Britain put on a sixth straight bouquet which places again on the royal road, furthermore free of the threat Appelqvist ( S – Yam) , injured his wrist during the Super Test. And today is the amazing Spanish Enric FRANCISCO (KTM) who was found with a fine second position acquired hard struggle against the BritishLee SEALEY (Yam) third.

After his Scandinavian disappointment when it was unable to score any victory Laia SANZ (ESP – KTM) was fully resumed in the women with impeccable doubled. The queen of Dakar also double blow because it grabs the championship for 2 small points against his rival Jane DANIELS (GB – Husqvarna) who could not do better than third, overtaken as yesterday, the rapid German Maria FRANKE (KTM) . But the girls have suffered a lot on the demanding circuit and Basque have shown tremendous courage in the image of Australian Jemma WILSON (Yamaha) very good fourth.

The FIM World Championship Maxxis EnduroGP is still uncertain and unpredictable! And it is certainly not finished because the stars of the sport will end in less than a fortnight in Italy for the 7th and penultimate GP of the season. And at this rate will race a lot can still happen in Fabriano 15/16 and July 17 … Do not miss before the traditional summer break.