The weasel-X in Flöha had to offer something new for 2016 edition. In addition to new road sections and the racing mode has been slightly adapted to International operations.

Dirk Rydzewski and his team built in advance some new sections in the track, which thus also lengthened. the final of the best drivers never took place over a race distance of about 60 minutes. Warm temperatures of over 20 degrees also ensured rapid exhaustion symptoms in the 46 drivers who had traveled for the first Enduro of the year to the Ore Mountains.


Besides the typical extreme Enduro riders like Martin Wilholdt or Kevin Gallas defending champion Derrick Goerner, Martin Kradorf, Maik Schubert and Maria Franke had traveled from the Enduro DM again. Initially it was all in the prologue. This caused a peak time of 1: 50min for the first sorting in the respective groups.Kevin Gallas managed with space 1 a place in Group 1. There he was allowed to select the first driver to his starting place. Derrick Goerner was 2 seconds behind second and pulled so in Groups 2. On the Short Round also Maria Franke was the only lady very fast. Directly behind Martin Wilholdt the Amazone was counted on place. 4.

Result Prolog

Kevin Galles won the prologue

Kevin Galles won the prologue

The first group race was on a real thriller. Kevin Gallas and Martin Wilholdt fought a duel for victory, only towards the end of the race of Karlsruher Gallas was the Papenburg Beta driver Wilholdt go something like this. 3rd place went to Maik Schubert before Martin Kradorf.

In the second group race Derrick Goerner was the favorite. But he had a bad start from row 1 and initially had the difficult task to catch the pitch. On the narrow track Derrick took several laps until he the hitherto leading Daniel Beck was able to overtake. Maria Franke managed as last 9 rounds to rank 3, the best driver with 8 rounds became the youngest starter in Florian Görner field on rank. 4.

Results Group race

The Steinfeld attended every round for problems

The Steinfeld attended every round for problems

In the final, what is the best ever 10 riders qualified both groups, there was a small change in rules. To the group race to increase slightly in the valence was launched in two groups per 5 seconds. Derrick Goerner was therefore able to go with Kevin Gallas first to 8 rounds. Behind Daniel Beck and Martin Wilholdt followed in series 2, these were allowed into the race after 5 seconds. Despite this change, there was at the first slopes of the compulsory storage, this was hard to avoid on the narrow track.

Start the finals

Kevin Gallas led the first half of the pitch. From Round 4 turned last year’s champ Derrick Goerner and could take the lead, they gave no more until the checkered flag. “It was the toughest Wiesel X for me. The 8 rounds in the finals have pretty sapped the forces. “Portrayed a lucky Derrick Görner after the award ceremony, where there were records for the first 10 pilots.

As always, the executioner in the race - driveway shortly after round start

As always, the executioner in the race – driveway shortly after round start

14 drivers made it the destination on the heavy round reach. For all other forces were depleted prematurely.

Results Race Champ


Photos: DG Design / Denis Günther

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Race Report: DENIS GUENTHER. 3 APRIL 2016