Enduro Legends Training School Multi World Enduro champion Paul Edmondson and his friend and former

Enduro Legends is the idea of Multi World Enduro champion Paul Edmondson and his friend and former Technician Julian Stevens who between them have decades of experience with Enduro rider management and development. They offer all abilities off-road motorcycle training , machine preparation, rider development and boot camps in Spain and the UK.

Situated in the stunning views of Kendel in Cumbria, i arrived at The outdoor Adventure company where the training school is being held. With Over 300 acres of glorious lake district countyside featuring woodland and rugged upland terrain i knew this weekend was going to be perfect for both me taking photos and the riders!. We all met up in this lovely little cabin with a log fire blazing where there was coffee and tea waiting for us also complimented by home cooked cookies, short bread and caramel slices to get the guys ready for a full days training!

Paul, Julian and Jonny started the morning with a debrief about the day ahead including safety whilst riding followed by quick demonstration on some important features on Enduro bikes whilst in the cabin before the guys were instructed to get ready and all meet up outside.

They started the day off by warming the bikes up and making sure everyone was comfortable on their bikes with a warm up lap of the grounds followed by corning through a tyre track, without the riders realising there training had already started!

The group was then split into two smaller groups and taken to different locations within the grounds with the instructors swapping between the group so everyone had a opportunity to be trained by each instructor.

After filling my pockets with cookies i set off to find the sections, these sections included training for riding on cambers, climbs, ruts, rocks and streams, steps, logs and roots, berming corners, jumping techniques and much more!

Lunch time and all the riders where taken to the main building where they all sat down for some more delicious home cooked food consisting of steak broth, freshly cooked bread, stuffed jacked potatoes ect…. It was great listening to everyone buzzing about there morning riding and the instructors had a chance to catch up with everyone and answer any questions.

After the food had settled they all set off out again.

The owners of The Outdoor Adventure company made everyone feel so welcome and created a lovely home from home atmosphere throughout the day as they shared our passion for off-road riding and seem dedicated to making there venue perfect for all abilities of riders.

As the day went on i could see through my camera everyones confidence growing and i couldn’t help smile myself watching everyone covered in mud tackling new challenges smiling from ear to ear!

To check out all my photos from the day and also full info for the Enduro legends training days www.endurolegends.com also my photos were featured on this cracking article http://enduro21.com/index.php/40-general/370-jonny-walker-turns-coach-for-a-day

Full details on The Outdoor Adventure company can be found here http://www.theoutdooradventurecompany.co.uk/ they do all sorts of activities and well worth a visit!