ELOWSON Moves to Yamaha Johansson

The off-season is in full swing and after Gas Gas’ announced their line-up, it is the Yamaha Johansson MPE team’s turn to put their cards on the table. The team which takes care of the Junior and FIM Youth 125cc categories within Yamaha Racing, has just taken a big scalp the transfer market.

Joakim and Magnus JOHANSSON, the MPE Team Managers, have signed Albin ELOWSON (S) for a one year contract, with an option to extend. The Swede, from Värsas, already has a great track record with two Vice World Champion places in FIM Youth 125cc (2014) and one in Junior (2016). This year, after being badly injured on the first special stage of the year in Finland, he still finished third behind the epic FREEMAN – SORECA battle. Taking one victory and six podiums. At the age of 22, ELOWSON enters his last season in Junior and will clearly be one of the absolute favourites in this category, especially after such a strong showing in 2017.

Albin ELOWSON: “After six years at Husqvarna, it was time for me to find a new challenge. I am really happy and proud to sign with Yamaha Johansson. It is a choice that I think will allow me to reach my goals in the future!”

Joakim and Magnus JOHANSSON also see a lot of potential in Albin ELOWSON… Magnus JOHANSSON: “Even though I do not go to EnduroGP races, I’ve been watching Albin for a while. I also talked to Joakim, who knows him better, before making this decision. We were already in contact last season but he did not feel ready to change his brand. Now he is ready and I could not have better ambassador for our brand in Sweden.”

Yamaha Johansson MPE have taken a big shot in the Juniors, and have placed themselves as firm favourites in the under 23 class. With the Gas Gas recruitment drive and this latest big signature, this off-season is starting to look very interesting – and should be even more hectic in the weeks and months to come!