Eero Remes took his first overall class win at EnduroGP

The “Gods” are Crazy!

supreme god of Greek mythology, Zeus Almighty, also presided at all atmospheric phenomena of antiquity down from his temple erected on Mount Olympus. But in the five major functions of his omnipotence he had also retained the power to rain he shared with Aeolus, god of wind! Go find out who could have upset the Greeks gods in the year of grace 2016 at point Zeus has entered into a mad rage for 3 days and has plunged the Western Macedonia and the small town of Grevena in a rainstorm …

The Super Test of the day before also bode well … and also the night was in the same vein! Torrential rain still falling on Grevena , part of the Grand Prix Maxxis of Greece , at the time of writing. The beautiful 63 km route which surveys the contours of the National Park Pindus is thus completely flooded and the arid soil of this northern region west of Greece, struggling to absorb moisture so. This surprising outburst of natural elements has caused a lot of disappointment among 95 committed (a record for Greece!). Starting with Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP – Yamaha) , dislocated shoulder or Mikael Persson (S – Yamaha) , Kirian Mirabet (E – Sherco) , Mika BARNES (F – KTM) , Matteo Rossi (I – Kawasaki) … who gave up quickly on falls and mechanical problems …

Eero despite him!

Accustomed (?!) to such race conditions the “Anglo-Saxons” have dominated, in part, that first day in EnduroGP where as in Portugal, Mathias BELLINO (F – Husqvarna) “cracked” after an early race “canon “who saw yet occupy the front of the race at the end of the first round …” I got scared in the Cross test 2 with a big crash that could end badly. And I’m also stuck me in the Cross Test 3 … I’m too miserable! “Railed a BELLINO very upset after a day he finished only 9th. Very consistent and leader when addressing the special last (Enduro test 3) with 14 seconds ahead, Matthew Phillips (AUS – Sherco) looked set to score another success and consolidate its plate number … ” But I ‘really too sure in this last time and as Eero Remes rolled like an airplane, I’d settle today of victory in E2! “we always admitted as facetious, Australian closed park! And indeed, it is the “anti hero” (sic) Eero Remes who wins the day! Only 9th after the first two stages, the Finn pixie operated perfectly the potential of its TM 250cc and began a impressive comeback! 7th in mid race, 4th in the early 3rd round and 3rd before the last lap, REMES “dégoupilla” in the last line (shortened) to snatch the “business” and “mental” his first victory in Enduro GP face rivals powerless … Fortunately the Finn is more toxic than the handlebars talkative interview because we do nothing else will tear him a small smile and a terse ” Yes I am very happy !”

This has actually happened things and beautiful things in this first day with the great result of the “rookie” Nathan Watson (GB – KTM) splendid 2nd and promises to be a great future! Ditto for the revelation of the early season, Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta) , too long in fight for podiums and wins and who frequently went as far to fall for a 4th rank very important.

nathan.watson_EWC 2016 Rnd 3_4171

Great recovery also of Johnny AUBERT (F – Beta) from 11th position to 5th place overall, just ahead of a Loïc Larrieu (F – Yamaha) which progresses at each outlet and starts to win his first Special thanks to remarkable speed peak . Taylor ROBERT (USA – KTM) was also one of the organizers of the day and had it not been a big “stupidity” (he pointed to 1 minute ahead accidentally), it scorait much better than 7th place overall. Yes l ‘ EnduroGP is exciting and confusing both tonight and Romain DUMONTIER (F – Yamaha) 12th or Ivan CERVANTES (ESP – KTM) ! 13th found the just reward for their efforts with their first points of the season Eero Remes made double blow with victory in E1 at the “big blond” Nathan WATSON … and Ivan CERVANTES who finds the podium with the smile of a beginner! MARTINI (I – Kawa) is 4th and Rudy MORONI (I – KTM) a 5th surprising … Matthew Phillips wins the E2 face Loïc Larrieu (first podium for the new Yamaha 450 WRF) and stunned Taylor ROBERT . SALVINI (I – Beta) is only 4th and BELLINO only 5th. Steve HOLCOMBE E3 wins ahead of teammate Johnny Aubert and Antoine BASSET (F – KTM) still effective and strong the position. MONNI Manuel (I -TM) and Romain DUMONTIER (F – Yamaha) completed the top 5.

endurogp.podium_EWC 2016 Rnd 3_4439

Long manhandled until mid race by Josep GARCIA (E – Husqvarna) and Davide SORECA (I – Honda) or Diogo Ventura (P – Gas Gas) , Giacomo REDONDI finally won with great authority to the after a race he led master hand in the Juniors. And while the rapid Josep GARCIA committing too many errors (6th in the end) is Davide SORECA offers superbly doubled Team Honda Red Motorcycle managed by Carlo CURCI and Tullio Pellegrinelli . Upon the convincing results of the Finnish Henric Stigell (TM) superb 4th and Swedish Albin ELOWSON (Husqvarna) . The young Bulgarian Teodor KABAKCHIEV (KTM) also score his first point in the world!

matthew.phillips_EWC 2016 Rnd 3_5475

The trio Appelqvist (S – Yamaha) , NICOLOT (F – Yamaha) , EDMONDSON (GB – KTM) is certainly steeped in talent! These 3 young guns of the FIM Youth Cup 125cc also assured the show and if the Swede pulled away over the lap, his two rivals can always aspire to the title that should not escape this promising seed champions …

At the risk of repeating but with six different winners in special lap ten, the category EnduroGP is definitely as exciting than open! And with weather that promises “less worse than today,” other surprises or revelations are likely to wait for the second day of the Maxxis Grand Prix of Greece . The many local Enduro fans are not misled and despite it not time to put a “Greek outside,” they too have much appreciated the show offered by the stars of the EGP!