Johnny Aubert and Alex Salvini keen on this first day of the second round of the Italian Championship triggering a duel that kept breathing down everyone until the last special. At the end of six hours of the race, and after nine special addressed, are in fact only five seconds separating the two Beta riders, while spaced 31 seconds, is in third place Manuel Monni, the undisputed king of the online test. The race, officially taken this morning at 9:00 am, was developed along a route of 55 km with its three stages inside and pulled a control, which left little breathing space to the athletes present. Good stewards of Motoclub Leaquile Pietramontecorvino, able to better manage a challenging test like today.

In each class, the day wins went to Rudy Moroni (E1), Alex Salvini (E2), Manuel Monni (E3), Giacomo Redondi (Junior) and Johnny Aubert (Foreigners). To point out the battle in the Youth, won by Matteo Pavoni for only 0:15 seconds Mirko Spandre!

Nathan Watson maintains the lead in the absolute with 42 points, followed by Manuel Monni with 38 points. Johnny Aubert and Alex Salvini takes third place, both 35 lengths.

In the Italian Cup, to dull after nine special stages were Alberto Capoferri (Cadets), Andrea Giubettini (Junior), Ivan Boezi (Senior) and Duccio Graziani (Major).

The fastest rider in extreme valid proof for the X-Cup Maxxis-Honda Redmoto is French Johnny Aubert, while the Fiat Professional Six Days Trophy was won today by Ivan Boezi.

Rudy Moroni

Monica Mori – Press Office Italian Enduro