SMCC Isle of Man Centre Enduro Round 2 (Western Enduro) took place on Easter Monday 28th March. In place of the usual charity event at Ronague the club has shuffled the calendar and ran a traditional timecard event instead.

Predicted wet weather made an appearance over the course of the weekend but the event took place in dry and sunny skies more typical of an easter sporting event.

Starting from Carnagrie the route took the 44 competitors to Eairy Beg plantation and a slippy route across the off camber hillside. First into the test was David Knight who proclaimed it “slick” on the first run.

After the plantation test the route took the field along the TT course to Manannan’s chair and Lherghy Colvine to the ‘Switchback’ road, Barnell, Raby Beg and a road ride to Dalby Mountain where again Johnny Massan had given the club the use of the land. Once the test at Dalby had been ridden it was down the pipeline and back to the log burner at Carnagrie.

Expert class was won by Honda mounted David Knight fastest on every test and the only man to go sub-3mins around Eairy Beg. Danny McCanney was 2nd not able to lay a glove on David and had defending champion Chris Madigan snapping at his heals around Eairy Beg but the Husqvarna mounted world champ was able to finish 40secs ahead by the finish.

Clubman class saw up and coming Ryan Neild take a tight victory from Sam Corlett who was only 2 secs ahead of Stephen Corlett at the finish after over 30mins of flat out riding.

James Langdon made it 2 wins from 2 starts to set himself perfectly for 2016 followed by James Vickers again in 2nd place. Dominic Kelly had a good ride for 3rd.

Glen Kensall was in at the deep end riding a Yamaha DT 125 with inappropriate tyres hopefully he will be back for another go on a more suitable machine.

Huge thanks to DEFA, Johnny Massan, Hogg, Brenda with the food for all, Clare Porter, Sam Curphey and all other timekeepers.

photo credit: Mick Rodger