Hixpania Hard Enduro will come back from 3rd to 5th November in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia, Spain) II edition will have a renovated race schedule of 3 day race and new shows”

Registration will be open 1st June

The Spanish hard enduro event returns with more power. From 3rd to 5th November riders and fans can live again ‘The Conquest of Hard Enduro’. The awesome stage of Aguilar de Campoo (Spain) will be another time the head quarter of hard enduro. II edition of Hixpania will have a renovated format of 3 day race to attract a big number of riders. The idea is that amateur riders can be more time riding their bikes. Moreover, the event will be link to the Medieval history of Spain as last year.

Registrations will be open next 1st June for all riders who want to ‘conquer the hard enduro’ in the three different finish lines: Squires, Archers or Knights. To make the registration, riders must enter at 200 riders participated in I edition of Hixpania supported by 15.000 fans. Furthermore, the best riders in the World fought for the victory. Finally, Alfredo Gómez took the win, Graham Jarvis was 2nd and Mario Román 3rd. In this edition, the best riders wil be fighting again to make ‘The Conquest of Hard Enduro’.