It was a busy and tiring day at Carsoli, in L’Aquila, where the sixth test of the Italian Absolute / Coppa Italia Maxxis 2017 took place today. But it was also a day full of adrenaline, with Christophe Charlier , Alex Salvini, Thomas Oldrati, Deny Philippaerts, and Brad Freeman, who played a beautiful battle for the first place to win.

At the end of the race, the driver was Christophe Charlier who won the Day1 of the Italian Absolute Maxxis in Carsoli despite an arm still suffering from the GP of Italy in Spoleto. Husqvarna has been struggling for most of the race with Alex Salvini and Brad Freeman, with the Beta Boano team driver having to forgo the battle for victory over some mistake too.

The spotlights have moved to Charlier and Salvini who, in addition to the struggle for winning today’s victory, are the two major contenders for the 2017 national title, which sees them now separated by six lengths.

Nice performance also by Thomas Oldrati (Husqvarna BBM) and Deny Philippaerts (Beta Boano), in the battle both for the third place and for the victory of the E3 class. To have the best after 12 specials was the policeman Thomas Oldrati who also makes his own in front of Philippaerts and Micheluz (Husqvarna Diligenti).

The E2 goes to Alex Salvini (Beta) with Manuel Monni (TM Racing) to second place and Giacomo Redondi (Honda Redmoto) to third, in difficulty today at Carsoli. There are also some issues for Rudy Moroni (KTM Farioli), which ends fourth in the E1, a class won by Davide Guarneri (Honda Redmoto), thus extending the league to more than twelve on the KTM. Honorary court today for Gianluca Martini (Suzuki), second only to three seconds from Guarneri, while Oscar Balletti (Husqvarna Osellini) climbs the lowest step of the podium.

Going to the young, in the Youth nothing to do for opponents of Andrea Verona (TM Team Satellite Enduro). TM driver despite a hand still recovering after the three-week break, wins over two minutes with Claudio Spanu (Husqvarna Osellini) and Ramon Bregoli (KTM). In the Junior First Place for Davide Soreca (Honda Redmoto), Matteo Cavallo (Beta Boano) and Matteo Pavoni (KTM Farioli) third, protagonists throughout the day in top positions.

Foreigners are Christophe Charlier’s deal. Brad Freeman and Mike Brown (Husqvarna JET) are behind the French, while Daniel Sanders (KTM Farioli) has been forced to retire for a shoulder bout.

For the FMI Cup, Ramon Bregoli (E1) and Paolo Lucci (KTM Entrophy – EO) win, while the Motoclub Sebino and the Osellini Team are the first in the Motoclub and the Independent Team.

In the Coppa Italia, the day was Marco Bologna on TM, which won both the absolute and the Junior, while Adriano Bellicoso (KTM), Antonino Arcuri (Husqvarna), Matteo Ferrari (KTM) and Cristina Marrocco (KTM) conquered Cadetti, Senior, Major and Lady respectively.

For the Airoh Cross Test trophy, in the beautiful hat set in Oricola, the fastest was Charlier, first in front of Guarneri and Monni. Davide Soreca is the extreme man of Carsoli; The Honda driver marks the best time in the X-CUP Maxxis-Galfer test, behind Freeman and Philippaerts.

Tomorrow, on Sunday, June 4th, starting at 8.30 am with the drivers of the Coppa Italia, who will face, like today, three laps with two special tests (Cross Test and Enduro Test), while for the Absolutes of Italy the specials to be faced Will be three (Cross, Extreme and Line) for three and a half turns; In fact, the Enduro Test will not be done at the last step.

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