Christophe Charlier marks his first double at Italian Enduro Championship

A great second day for Frenchman Christophe Charlier marks his first double in the World of Dreams. The former crossista was the author of an impeccable race on Sunday, June 4, which saw him triumph in the general before Thomas Oldrati and Alex Salvini, and with a try in advance the title of the Alien category, including all ‘Absence of Matthew Phillips, currently at 70 points against Charlier 119.

Day to be framed for Thomas Oldrati who, having fought for the first absolute position, makes his second place at the last special. Husqvarna’s policeman gave a great show, setting up a good fight with Englishman Brad Freeman, star of a downfall at the very last extreme that made him lose precious seconds and then bound him to fourth place.

In each class, double for Honda Redmoto’s Davide Guarneri winner of the E1 with Rudy Moroni who improves his performance yesterday by completing second place while third place is Oscar Balletti (Husqvarna). In E2, the victory went to Alex Salvini (Beta) behind James Giacomo Redondi and Manuel Monni, the latter victim of a rocambolesca fall in the pull that made him slow down in the last three specials while he was second in a row 11 seconds from Salvini. Thomas Oldrati was set to net in the E3 where he drove over a minute to his main opponent, Deny Philippaerts. The third place went to Maurizio Micheluz, still suffering from a shoulder bite a couple of weeks ago.

Andrea Verona is also grand who brings home another twenty points in the Youth without leaving any margin for the opponents. The second position is Claudio Spanu ahead of Davide Pellizzaro, the latter winner of the E1 Class of the FMI Cup. Always as far as the FMI Cup is concerned, the EO is Matteo Curà on Huqvarna.

In Junior, the day was positively played for Matteo Cavallo, who was in command in the first part of the race. The winner of the Viverone stage had to deal with some mistakes too much in the extreme test that cost him the first position in favor of Davide Soreca, who brings home a wonderful double here at Carsoli. Matteo Pavoni is also on the third place today on Team Kari Farioli.

In the Strangers, naturally won for Christophe Charlier followed by Brad Freeman and American Mike Brown (Husqvarna Jolly Racing). And he can celebrate with a try in advance the trophy of the Cup Italy Major Matteo Ferrari, winner of the Over35 branded 2017 thanks to seven successes in seven races. The other winners of the day were Gianluca Caroli (KTM Pavia – cat. Cadetti), Marco Bologna (TM – Junior Cat), Antonino Arcuri (Husqvarna – Senior Cat) and Cristina Marrocco (KTM – Cat Lady).

At this penultimate appointment, five young Italian promiseers who have been at the first tricolor Enduro Sprint. The 125 2t pilots face the Airoh Cross Test test, among the most popular of the Absolute Italian Maxxis.The sneaky test, valid for the Airoh Cross Test trophy won by Christophe Charlier, has placed several difficulties on riders in the race because of the dust that reduced visibility; Not least the pitfalls of the extreme X-CUP Maxxis-Galfer test, specially won by Alex Salvini, which was drawn on the slope of a rocky hill, while the line was drawn into the undergrowth. Add to these three tests a C.O. Pulled that he did not just drive the riders off the road.

An arduous journey, therefore, is the result of a wonderful work done by the Enduro Enduro Carsolosub, which made us live a spectacular and exciting day! Rest now until September. The Italian Absolute / Italian Cup Maxxis will return on 9 and 10 September at Trichiana – BL.

Monica Mori – Italian Enduro Press Office

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