Last Intense Day for the Italian Absolute / Italian Cup Maxxis 2017, which celebrated today, Sunday, September 10, in Trichiana (BL) its Italian champions.

Today’s day was a completely different day than yesterday’s experience; after the sun and the heat of day1, this day2 the mud and the rain were the protagonists. Started from the evening, intense water affected the area of ​​Belluno, changing the features of this last leg of the championship.

Weather conditions forced the organization to intervene on the track, cutting off the most hostile points. The extreme test, located on an uphill mule track, was only dealt with in the first lap as it was canceled at the last lap due to its impracticability.

Despite these variations, the show has not failed, especially in the absolute where Alex Salvini and Christophe Charlier have created a cardiopalma race with the French who managed to win the absolute title at the last special! Charlier, winning the two-time championship, brings home the Troika Mika Ahola, reserved for the first absolute of the Absolute Italian.

Nothing to do for Alex Salvini, who nevertheless qualifies for the Italian champion of class E2, also winning the X-CUP Trophy Maxxis – Galfer as the best rider of extreme trials.

In the E1, he has the title of champion Davide Guarneri, protagonist also of the 2017 test with the Airoh Cross Test; the Honda driver wins the new Aviator 2.2.

The other title was still in the Junior Championship, which went to the end of these nine trials at Davide Soreca, first on Matteo Cavallo and Emanuele Facchetti.

The other titles assigned today are those reserved for motorcycle clubs and independent teams; among the gold medalists for the Sebino, while among the teams wins the Osellini Husqvarna!

In the IMF Cup and in the Coppa Italia the winners of this season are Damiano Lullo (E1), Pietro Pini (EO), Gianluca Caroli (Cadetti), Alberto Besagno (Junior) and Cristina Marrocco (Lady).

As for the day today, the absolute goes to Matthew Phillips who could not better salute Italy and Absolute Italian Maxxis with a first place in the general. For now Matt will come back to his beloved Tasmania, but he has told us he’ll be back soon!