” The WOR Events, Team Extreme Forest Enduro last weekend, had nearly 200 riders do battle over 3 hrs on very testing and challenging course indeed. The near 15k lap was offering some seriously extreme but more importantly, achievable terrain that had the riders saying post race, that it was almost perfectly plotted. Even the weather was spot on with sunshine replacing the chill of the early morning. 10.30 the riders were under the starters orders and good to go.


KTM mounted Charlie Frost again made the journey up from Bath to compete and straight from the off the likeable youngster set a phenomenal pace to pull a big lead on lap one that no body managed to pull back in. Completing 8 laps in the 3hrs, Frost was a very comfortable 11 minutes ahead of Runner Up, Derek Bawn. Bawn (KTM) himself was riding superb and was making light work of some of the tracks harder bits but ultimately could not match the pace of the flying Frosty. Julian Rylance was the top veteran rider by far on the day as he secured a totally well earned 3rd spot overall in the Solo class, not bad finishing behind Frost and Bawn for an Over 45 rider. The top two riders completing 8 laps with Rylance (KTM) on 7 circuits to his credit.


Andrew Edwards must one of the most seasoned campaigners in the British Enduro Championships over the last 15/20 Years and he was teamed up with another local rider, the Younger Aled Price, both mounted on KTM’s and both going great guns in the Expert 2 man class. Team Extreme’s format is unique to any other events as both team riders are out on the course at the same time, each rider completing laps that go towards the teams overall score line. Edwards and Price made the class their own with a superb ride, smooth, feet up, flowing and fast, to finish 3rd overall too behind Frost and Bawn. Runner’s Up to Price and Edwards was the Thomas brothers, Jacko and Dan, both riding superb to co complete 15 circuits. Ryan Shacklady and Matt Silvester were also going great guns and completed 14 laps to take a well earned Bronze award in the group.


Top Clubman 2man team honours went to Jamie Carroll and Scot Hughes as they were the only team in their group to complete 14 laps (7 each in the 3 hrs). D Lewis and A Reese were worthy Runner’s Up on 13 laps and the team taking the final podium spot was Lyndon Jones and Alec Everett again on 13 laps and just 30 seconds down on the Lewis/ Reese partnership.

Rob Reese (Beta) and Gary Jones (Honda) Overcame a opening lap chain derailment (Jones) to go on and put a great shift in to secure the always competitive Over 40’s team win on 13 laps from Runner’s Up, Cooke and Rogers (12 laps) and third placed Prescott and Holden on 10 circuits.


The Sportsman 2man had a good showing at the Sharp end of the results with Walpole and Davies completing 12 laps and taking the win. Second place going to Smith and Goddard on 11 laps even with a first lap puncture. The Bronze spot going to Peter Reese and James Wilson. Special shout out for Peter as well into his 60’s he made the track look easy as he floated around on his 2t Beta.

Finally the Novice class had the pairing of Burgess and Brazier at the top of the pile on a 12 lap score that would have seen them Runners Up in the Sportsman group. Following them home was Ellis and Jones on steady 10 laps with Shaw and Deeley on 9 laps in the 3rd spot..

Final special massive mention for the inspirational Dan Hallam, Dan rode Novices 2man on his Husky 300 2t, completed 2 laps of this gruelling and challenging course and fully deserves his plaudits, Dan has one arm after a road bike accident 2 and half years ago and is truly amazing at what he is achieving now a couple of years on.

And so another cracker was delivered from the WOR team and the response from riders was again “When’s the next one?” enough said from the riders on the way home.

WOR as always would like to thank all involved in the running of the event, Staff, Medics, Caterer’s, Landowners, Sponsors and most of all the riders for making the events happen.”

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