Can Gallas clinch the title one round early in Bilbao/Spain on the 3rd of march?

The 21-year-old German continued his impressive series of victories in Malaga/Spain at the 17th of February. Again three victories out of three races, the second consecutive overall GP win – the 2018 world junior championship is in close reach. After his triumph in Riesa in the beginning of January all eyes were on Gallas if he would be able to dominate the Junior field in front of the Spanish fans.

To come straight to the point– YES, he could! Full of energy the German youngster started his day with the fastest lap time in qualifying. In the session for the starting order he didn’t opt for the top spot: Gallas: „If you have first gate pick in the first and third race you have the worst starting spot in the second one“ The Team Hill Climb had to work hard to get the bike ready on the day before the race, due to some minor damages from all the hard hours of training. But all the investments from the main sponsor Grenzgaenger and MH Motorräder were worth it. Gallas qualified fifth and for the first row for the first main event. With a clean holeshot the German youngster took the lead from the very beginning on the pretty short but really hard and technical track. Gallas: „Each mistake makes you lose a lot of time and energy. That‘s why I try to ride mistake free and keep my feet on the pegs trough the rocks and carry a lot of momentum”. His controlled riding style, which he developed in many years of trials experience and training with Marko Prodan from endurides, doesn’t look very fast or spectacular. But it is efficient.

With an impressive lead of 30 seconds on the polish rider Emil Juszczak, Gallas took the win in the first heat lapping up to third place. Full of confidence Gallas went to the gate for Race 2 – this time with reverse starting order, second row. He got pinched of the start and was close to last rider at the first obstacle but he managed to find good lines through the pack. At the end of lap 1 he was already in fifth place. While chasing down Juszczak, the leader, Gallas made a few mistakes in the rocks and the matrix. But he managed to refocus and took over the lead. While running in first position he put his head down and won the second heat with a comfortable 20 second lead.

After a mediocre start in the third heat Gallas found himself midpack. He managed to get clean through the fast section with the jumps. In the third lap he passed the Brit Hoare. After a mistake from Juszczak, Gallas took the lead and rode his own race from there on. With a lead of 31 seconds and lapping up to third place again he got to the checkered flag. Hoare got third, Kyle Flanagan fourth. With winning his second consecutive GP with all three main event victories, his competitors don’t seem to have something to withstand his dominance.

In the MAXXIS FIM SuperEnduro World Championship Gallas leads with seven victories out of the nine races with a comfortable gap of 37 points to Kyle Flanagan/RSA

Can Gallas clinch the title one round early in Bilbao/Spain on the 3rd of march? We will see…

Photo Credit “Mihai Birca”