Brad Freeman “Winning a World Championship is Absolutely Insane!”

Few days after a great final in Germany that saw Brad FREEMAN (GB – Beta Boano) clinched his first E1 title, we had a chat with him, talking about his season and the future…

What was the “original” plan, coming into this first year in a senior class? B.F: “The original plan coming into 2018 was to learn! Last year I won the Junior World Championship in my first year racing the EnduroGP championship. I knew I still had a lot to learn and so had my expectations really low. I hoped to go on the podium in the E1 class and fight for some Top 5 results in EnduroGP! But when training at the start of this year I could see I started taking steps ahead to better myself! The speed was getting better, but I also started to grow up and that has been a big part to my success!”

“Jarno BOANO changed my life!”

You always seem to enjoy every race and every moment. How can we make Brad FREEMAN angry? B.F: “Yes it’s true, anybody that knows me will say that I need to have fun to perform at my best! It’s just the way I work. The life I live now as a professional enduro rider was always my dream and so I am going to enjoy it to the fullest! It’s crazy to think in 2016 I was a privateer working as a scaffolder… now I’m a two time World Champion! Things change fast but I’ve been so fortunate with how things have worked out. I found a team that I clicked with straight away and we have formed one of the best relationships in the paddock. How can you make Brad FREEMAN angry? Honestly, I don’t really know! The Supertest in Portugal was very close! But no, honestly, I’m just enjoying every single moment! Who doesn’t want to be a professional rider on a world championship team? I’m having the best time of my life and it’s not stopping anytime soon!”

2019 is fast approaching now and everybody is asking the same question… Will you still be with the Beta Boano team? B.F: “Yes for 2019 I will again stay with the Beta Boano team! A lot of people are asking that question and it’s because of the old theory that you need to be on a factory team to win. Well let me tell you now that is really not true! I’ll be honest I thought that too… but I’ve found out first hand that it’s not. All you need is a good bike, and a great group of people all willing to work 100% for the same goal as you. And with Beta Boano I have that in plenty! Every single person on the team wants to win as much as me, and they will do anything to help achieve it. My Team Manager Jarno, took a risk with me for 2017 taking me to the Junior World Championship… I was an English rider with no experience and didn’t speak Italian, wanting to be World Champion. After 2 years of hard work we have a relationship far beyond the team. And 2 World Championship titles. I can’t thank him enough for what he did… he changed my life! Without that opportunity who knows where I would be now? But this team is one big family, and I love that. Now I live in Italy close to the team, I see the guys every day and have a good laugh! My mechanic Tino is the best mechanic in EnduroGP, I trust him 100% and everytime my bike is perfect. Deny PHILIPPAERTS is a great friend and has helped endlessly over the past 2 years, I have a lot to thank him for. Just everybody on that team is a great person, and I really feel at home there. It’s not a factory team but we have something that those teams don’t!”

What’s the next step? EnduroGP Champion? B.F: “The next step for me is to keep having fun! That’s been my goal so far and it’s turned out pretty well! For next year I would love to defend my Enduro 1 World Title and push for the EnduroGP overall win! It’s a big step but I feel like with hard work and the right mindset we can fight for the championship! Honestly, I just want to continue growing as a rider because I feel like I have more yet to give, and then I’ll be happy!”