Booking Now Live -Tired of struggling to finish an extreme (hard enduro) race? Want to have an enjo

Now it’s possible to choose exactly what you want to experience! Come with us in the hearth of Romania in Gheorgheni (Transylvania) for the ride of your life in the Carpathian mountain crests. The trails we made offer you the most beautiful  sceneries Mother Nature blessed Romania with. We guarantee you will enjoy the track and all the landscapes, mountains, rivers and creeks, finishing every day with a big smile on your face!

Kill Me (Pro Riders Only): Leave all hope when enter here…some may say. Choose this class if you are 100% sure you have what it takes to finish “the unfinishable”  extreme enduro track, with really difficult rough stony uphills and downhills. Basically, it’s “just” a pure PRO track no worries!

Expert Funride (Expert): Common expert track that requires good physical condition (and also some psychical training) with fast sections, lots of fun and beautiful landscapes. You will have nice uphills and two times more downhills.

Team Expert Funride (Expert team): In this class you and your best buddies will share the same track with the Single Joyriders but as a group, having twice as much fun, helping each other along the way. Maybe now it’s the perfect time to return the favor to one of them ?

Route 66 (True Hobby):  This class requires at least 3 months of enduro riding experience. It is the perfect opportunity for those who want to experience a rally the easy way, for beginners. If you want to ride all the day long with a big smile on your face, then we assure you not only that you will reach the finish line, but also that you will be suitable to perform in a toothpaste commercial at the end of the day! J  The track consists mainly of forest paths, easy uphills and down hills that will enjoy for sure. You will ride very much on top of the mountains looking at the very best of the Romanian mountains.

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