BLOG – The History of Enduro organized by the British Association of motorcyclists

History As early as 1903, organized by the British Association of motorcyclists a 1000 mile cross-country driving, from 1909 led an annual off-road travel ( “The Scottish Six Days Trial”) by the Scottish Highlands. From 1912 there was the “British six-day test for motorcycles”. On the day approximately 270 kilometers long stages test routes were on roads with time and passage controls, terrain sections and built hill climb. From 1913 were then under the direction of former World Association FICM the first International Six Day trips, then organized under the name of International Six Days Trial. Despite disruptions caused by the two world wars, the Six Days of climax are in Enduro sport. The development and popularity of the Six Days is also leading the way for the development of Enduro sport. Until the 1960s were in the little-modified motorcycles driven normally. With the introduction of special tests (including motocross) viewed at the motocross motorcycles were developing specializations also adopted for the Enduro motorcycles. So the bikes with longer travel suspension, greater ground clearance, high were aprons, highly specified Exhaust always off-road. This development follows the routes have been increasingly demanding. With the inclusion of Steilauf- and descents, rocky passages and the trial were similar passages wanted.

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Because of conditions relating to environmental protection and objections of the basic property owner came in Western Europe, particularly in the Federal Republic of Germany to many restrictions. So many events were marked with special tests in sand pits or similar cordoned terrain and subsequent lock-up driving on public roads. This development has led to the interest in the Enduro sport in West Germany fell. In the GDR, there were no such restrictions. After the re- unification therefore sought the organizers, the sports events to make despite appropriate environmental regulations demanding. Exemplary here is the Enduro race Rund um Zschopau. With the use of oil barriers, elimination of damage after the race and an integrated environmental management is trying any resulting impairments to reduce environmental. Popular is the Enduro sport today in the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Finland), as well as France, Italy, the UK and the United States. In many countries, “Classic Offroad” with machines of the 60 has up to 80 years a large spread.

Until the crisis in motorcycle construction in the 1960s, most motorcycles were represented manufacturers in offroad sport. Later only a few manufacturers put forth appropriate motorbikes. Imports coming from the Eastern Bloc but motorbikes by MZ, Jawa and Samson were not freely available, but generally intended only for the works teams. From Western Europe , manufacturers Husqvarna, Maico, KTM, Puch, SWM and Zündapp were many years of successful competitors. Only since the 1990s, also penetrate the Japanese manufacturers Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki in the Enduro sport before. However, new specialized manufacturer of competition bikes like MotoTM, Husaberg and Gas Gas could gain a foothold in the Enduro sport.


Removal methods Enduro events are held in two different modes. Unlike motocross no mass start takes place. In the classical form of the Enduro a predetermined course is (a round distance of 50 up to 80 km) usually in a specific time allotted three – to pass through to four times. When this limit is not managed, is it to penalties. In order to determine a clear winner, located on a round called special tests. This can motocross or extreme his tests. The times achieved in this test are added together to give then the penalty times the end result. Is started since 2004 in the World Enduro Championship in classes E1 (125 2T and 4T 250), E2 (250 2T and 4T 450) and E3 (300 2T and 4T 500) with a waiting time of one minute per three drivers. Until then, the classes were cc to 80 cc to 125 cc to 250, to 500 cc to 350 cc four-stroke and 500cc four-stroke. This class divisions were the requirements or wishes of over the years adapted manufacturers. In one hour enduro (cross country or Hare Scramble) are possible many rounds to be completed on a circuit in a given time. Generally created by a customized motors Cross-track or a cordoned area used. They usually last two, six or twelve hours. To the enduro as ironing or on a small limited exercise area was created as variant called the Enduro Cross (Endurox). Here, a Supercross similar route is with corresponding terrain prepared obstacles. In addressing these routes are partly also skills from the Trial sport required. Also, the competition format corresponds to the Supercross events.