Billy Bolt Red Bull Romaniacs 2016

Sibiu, Romania July 12th – 16th

Sometimes the result is not what you hope for, but the experience gained is more important, Romaniacs for Billy was such a situation, with a lot of bad luck and mistakes, but the event was very rich with information and new skills for him. Romaniacs is unique and something very special, long days, navigation, changing weather conditions and a course that can be very unforgiving, we never arrived here with any other expectation but to learn for the future, first you have to finish and that was the main goal.

The Prologue – This started excellent for Billy , he was fastest in both his qualifying runs and eventually finished a clear 6 seconds faster than his nearest rival on a track of only 1min 26 sec !! . However the actually race of 15 minutes and 1 lap did not go so well , Billy quickly took the lead and traded places with Jonny Walker and the pair distanced themselves from the pack , but there was a section that just became clogged with lesser riders and made the race a complete casino with the two best riders becoming trapped amongst the back-markers, it was no race anymore and just survival to the finish, with a slightly disappointing 4th when I podium result should have been easily achievable.


Day 1 – The first off-road day started promising as Billy quickly moved up the leaderboard and was running well inside the top 10 when he lost control in a steep forest section, the result was he became trapped in an area next to a reservoir that the organisers suggested only a boat could rescue him as he could not return back up the hill or go left or right !! We however had other ideas and wanted Billy back on track as quickly as possible, a difficult and long rescue mission finally brought him back to the paddock at 10pm, his day had started around 5.30am !

Day 2 – This was much better day despite being totally exhausted from day 1, so he therefore cruised most of the day as he had no energy to push , basically drama free Billy eventually ended in a solid 6th position.


Day 3 – Again a solid morning where he felt much better after having some good sleep he could push first thing and made it into the top 5 , catching some of the leading Pro’s , however he would run out of fuel and this cost him over 1 hour searching for fuel amongst generous Bronze class riders and spectators . He eventually came home in 9th place with more lessons learned !


Day 4 – The final day was a relief , the plan was simply just survive and finish but again when holding a top 5 place problems arrived , his radiator cracked and he lost all water , he stopped at every stream to fill the bike but eventually his bike simply refused to continue and he finally stopped just 1 km from the service point , the bike was sadly not repairable there and his Romaniacs over for 2016 .

Billy Bolt ” I had little idea what to expect here , of course I studied all videos and trained a little with Graham Jarvis and Jonny Walker , but nothing prepares you for such long days , all my races so far have just be 3-4 hours maximum and a single day. I learned so much this week about Enduro and feel my riding improved a lot , i’m leaving Romania with some great memories and cannot wait to return , we have unfinished business, that is the craziest and gnarliest race ever ! A big thanks to the 3 Bronze class riders who gave me fuel on day 3 , there really is a great and friendly atmosphere at this race to help each other . And of course a special mention for Team Eurotek who fixed me up each day and my sponsors ”

Julian Stevens ” If you look only at the results then we don’t make any real impact , but the knowledge we gained was vast and very rewarding , the only way to prepare for this race is to be here and do it . Billy now understands what he must do for the 2017 edition , he has the speed , the navigation is understood and i’m confident that next year will see a solid result ”

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