Alfredo Gomez conquers the hard enduro in Hixpania

Alfredo Gomez Hixpania takes the third day in the trial The Lost Road. Three intense days of racing where you have been with Graham Jarvis on the podium after a sensational comeback and third Mario Roman. It was the first time that the output has been inside a cave and end in a spectacular rise which have come more than 5,000 people.


Alfredo Gomez was the first driver to win the hard enduro. The KTM has a spectacular pace during 2h and 30m race. It all started out from a cave to reminisce the old pilgrim road to Santiago Forgot passing right by there. After jumping bikes to the outside of the cave, a rise of over 100 vertical meters positioned to the best riders.

In second place ended the British Husqvarna, Graham Jarvis. ‘Sir hard enduro’ has broken the escape of his bike at the very beginning and despite losing several minutes putting a new exhaust, has made a spectacular comeback. The top step of the podium has risen Mario Roman. The Spaniard has made a sensational race after winning yesterday Campoo test X-treme.


The Lost Road was the first race in history in which the beginning was from inside a cave. 5,000 people have witnessed the live test. During the weekend more than 12,000 people have flocked to Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia) to monitor Hixpania. Thus, the Conquest of Hard Enduro has become the great race of the modality in Spain. In the fall of 2017 do not miss Hixpania …