Alfredo Gómez: “5 Essential tips for hard enduro”

KTM Factory Red Bull rider, Alfredo Gómez, will race from 4th to 6th November Hixpania Hard Enduro, the first ever event of hard enduro in Spain. Here you can find 5 tips of one of the best riders… 1. Hard enduro ‘homemade’ googles “You will need to breathe but also protect your eyes”, explain the pro rider, native from Madrid. “You can break the foam that enclose the cristal to achieve less fogging”. 2. Wind breaker behind the front light “When you start the day you don ́t know how is going to be the weather at the mountain. A wind breaker can raise body temperature a few degrees to sabe the cold. A good place to keep the wind breaker is behind the front light”. 3. Tools in the filter box “How heavy is your camelback? I only carry with water. If my bike has mechanic problems, I take the tools bag from the filter box”. 4. Food on the bar and fork “This is hard enduro! But we are humans… So you must eat something each 45 minutes. The easiest and fastest way is to put some power bars and gels on the handle bar or fork”. 5. A Red Bull can in the camel back “How about to use all the energy of Red Bull during a long race day? It is easy, put the content of a can in the camel back. You will see a better performance of your body when you don ́t have too much power”.