The Bologna wins today, Sunday, May 8, his first ever riding the Beta 430 RR 4t after a great battle with the Honda rider Redmoto Giacomo Redondi. The two battled throughout the day, arriving at the entrance of the last special secondment from a few seconds to get the better, after the treacherous Exreme Test was Alex Salvini for six seconds, while in third place is the square Manuel Monni of TM.

To determine the ranking of this fifth round of the Italian Championship / Cup Italy three special stages, repeated four times. The riders, left this morning at 8:30 am, they faced a few kilometers away from the online test, before reaching the pulled control. Following the Cross Test set on a hill and is characterized by a half pratone and the other half by a rocky bottom and, before returning to the paddock, the extreme test, where rocks and logs have committed athletes for about three minutes . Director Motoclub Amateurs Sibillini terrain vehicles, supported by Camerino Motoclub and Claw.


Returning to the results Alex Salvini also makes its ranking of E2, while Redondo won the Junior and Monni E3. The other day winners were Jonathan Manzi in E1, Matteo Pavoni in Youth and Pascal Rauchenecher in Foreigners. With the Enduro Italy it is also back the challenge for the X-Cup Maxxis-Honda Redmoto that rewards best pilot in the extreme test: the fastest in Pievebovigliana was Alex Salvini, before Giacomo Redondi and David Soreca.


At the start the fifth round of the Trofeo Fiat Professional Six Days that sees the triumph Peter Collovigh, followed by Damian Llull and David Beggs.

In the Italian Cup winners were Alberto Capoferri the Cadets, Andrea Giubettini in the Junior, Senior and Damian Llull in Maurizio Lenzi in Major.Assoluta-Assoluti