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Alfredo Gómez returns to the ring this Saturday in Poland

The Spanish rider will race one more season at SuperEnduro World Championship. After a season based on a very serious knee injury, Gomez arrives to the battle with more motivation than ever. The rider tells you the story …

Gómez after the knee injury of 2018

[videopress rdX0WLX3]

“After breaking my knee, doctors gave me a year of rehab.” Alfredo Gomez has struggled in his most difficult race: “Few people know it, but before going through the operating room, doctors were not sure that I would get on a motorcycle again. Without a doubt, it has been the hardest race of my life, “Gómez said sincerely.

However, Gómez moved home several rehabilitation machines and even slept in the living room to recover as soon as possible. “I was able to advance the deadlines and in only five months I managed to make top 5 in Romaniacs. In addition, I did second in Getzenrodeo, a true miracle and reward for the hours of recovery alone”, says the rider.

The countdown to the 2019 SuperEnduro World Championship begins

The SuperEnduro World Championship is celebrated in the Winter months. One of the most spectacular competitions on the off road scene returns to Poland this Saturday. “There are very aggressive riders. The key is the lap by lap and not crash. On the other hand, this year I trained the hot lap to get extra points for the race”, argues Alfredo. The hot lap is a quick lap before the races -as a pole position- where the winner achieves three points for the total of the final races.

Gómez will continue for another year in the Husqvarna Rockstar structure. “I’m happy with my bike. It’s the same one with which I run hard enduro. The Husqvarna TE 300 two-strokes I like more than the four-strokes. It has less engine inertias and the weight is a little lower. The four-strokes can go better in starts and jumps but I’m done to the 2s”, he says.

Enduro and boxing?

“The opportunity arose to do something different. We always do something like that at the beginning of the season. ” The images and video that you see are taken in the boxing gym Morales Box, one of the headquarters of boxing in the capital of Spain.

“The values shared by enduro and boxing are very similar. The training and the hours that are spent in battle are the keys to success. In the ring or SuperEnduro track there are no tricks, or fights with honor or you are K.O”. According to the SuperEnduro rider, both sports have in common the chivalry with the opponent, sacrifice or effort”. I do not have much time to train boxing. I’ve tried it, yes, but for now I prefer to fight in the up hills or in a SuperEnduro track”.

“I had never put the bike in a ring. Thanks to Morales Box we could do something different”.

Pictures credits: Jaime de Diego
Video credits: Mariano Martínez

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