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Husqvarna Motorcycles


Pioneering since 1903, Husqvarna Motorcycles build machines that are designed to inspire individuals, elevate performance and fulfil riding goals. This is made all the more accessible with the most rewarding offer of all – selected 2019 Offroad models at VAT Free prices* for a limited time only.

Pure performance and unrivalled quality are key attributes to the entire Husqvarna Motorcycles range, and this offer enables those who appreciate these characteristics an easier route to owning a 2019 machine. Pioneering means discovery, and aboard a 2019 Husqvarna Motorcycle you will experience new sensations, acquire further confidence and push boundaries to levels you never thought possible.
This offer includes two groups of machinery – Minicycles and Enduro. Just because the 2-stroke Minicycle range is designed for those of a smaller stature, don’t for a minute think that these machines compromise in any department. The TC 50, 65 and 85 (small wheel and big wheel) offer race winning ability from the crate, boasting premium components and the latest technology to ensure that the 2019 season begins in the best possible shape. Progression starts here.

Meanwhile, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ Enduro range is simply unsurpassed, as proved by Britain’s own Billy Bolt – the victor in the inaugural World Enduro Super Series. 2-stroke or 4-stroke, each machine in the range is capable of feats you never thought imaginable. The inherent ability of each machine will take you further, faster. The VAT Free* prices are listed below.

TC 50 Mini 2019 £2,999.17
TC 50 2019 £2,999.17
TC 65 2019 £3,582.50
TC 85SW 2019 £4,249.17
TC 85BW 2019 £4,249.17

TE 250i 2019 £6,707.50
TE 300i 2019 £6,915.83
FE 250 2019 £6,999.17
FE 350 2019 £7,207.50
FE 450 2019 £7,290.83
FE 501 2019 £7,374.17

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