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Gutzeit dominates MelzExdrähm 2018

Gutzeit dominates MelzExdrähm 2018
Most difficult track of the season challenged the world stars
The SHC Meltewitz put a lot of work into the track for the 3rd round of the
HardEnduroSeries Germany season. Meltewitz was also affected by the dryness, so
the fire brigade was requested to water the track for the prologue. About 140 riders
started at the 10th edition of the Melz Exdrähm, which after a few years started again
with a prologue. Divided into groups according to the result of the Federal Mogul
Extreme Enduro Prologes, each participant completed 2 laps on the Superenduro
similar lap. Beside the fastest pilots of the HESG season 2018 Blake Gutzeit (South
Africa) and Mitch Carvolth (USA) were 2 absolute top riders in the first starting
With a riding time of 2:16 minutes, Gutzeit set the fastest time, which was not beaten
by any pilot. There was a moment of shock when Kevin Gallas crashed heavily just
before the finish, but his lap time was still enough for second.

Hentschel. With this result the lead in the Prolog Award supported by X-Grip turned
around again. New leader of the table is Kevin Gallas, who got the full points for 2nd
place because Gutzeit is only a guest, ahead of Leon Hentschel.
The starting grid for the Melz Exdrähm main race was determined by the prologue

10 riders formed a starting row which was sent onto the track 30 seconds
apart. The SHC took a lap time of more than 25 minutes out of its terrain, this Fastest
Lap was taken by Blake Gutzeit. The South African took the lead right after the start
and enchanted over 1000 fans with his driving style. His lead was never in danger on
this day, even a crash in the penultimate lap did not upset the Superenduro Junior
World Champion 2016 / 2017. After 3 hours and 17 minutes he was very happy to
have finally reached the goal. His opinion about the race was very positive: “The track
really challenged me. I didn’t expect it to be that tough, a really demanding track. The
character of an extreme race is real here”.
Leon Hentschel won the full points in the championship. Gutzeit is only a guest
Rider, he doesn’t get any points and only starts in the daily classification. Hentschel
overtook Kevin Gallas at the halfway point of the race and also pulled away from the
leader of the standings. At the finish the two separated by one lap. But both are happy
with their result, Gallas keeps the lead in the standings with a lead of 5 points: “I
didn’t really ride my bike for many weeks, so my goal was simply to keep the lead in
the standings, which I managed to do.


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